Text list of Misprints/Errors as of 5-30-06

This is a comprehensive list of misprints I know about, and it includes many cards not shown
on my web pages.  The web pages show many, but not nearly all of the misprints I know of -
this text list should be used for collectors looking to complete 'sets'.  The first section
covers recent changes to the list, for those of you that check back often.  The complete list
follows.  This page has been redesigned.  It now matches the format of my misprint binder,
both to help you separate kinds of misprints, and to help me remmember what all of the misprints 
in my binder are!

Special thanks to Stephan W for helping me keep this list accurate and as error free as possible.

Also thanks to Eugen Bruhin for catching MANY errors on my error page, and helping update it.

Collector's Misprint list V3.0:

*NOTE: For main-set cards before 6th edition, I just list 'revised' and the date. I am unsure as to what set was released at what date in what country, so there are instances where I list 'revised' and it may actually be 4th or even 5th edition for that country - but all dates are correct (I'm looking at the cards as I type this):

Cards printed with the incorrect picture: BB Spanish Serra Angel -printed with Time Elemental picture and blue background This card is actually the Time Elemental with Serra Text and casting cost Revised English Serendib - Ifh-Biff picture and green background Revised WB('95)German Drudge Skeleton - Swamp picture and background Revised WB ('95)German Mana Barbs - Sedge Troll picture Revised BB ('94)German Wald - (forest) printed with plains picture Revised WB('95)German El-hajjaj - printed with warp artifact picture Revised BB ('94) French Aladin's ring - printed with Jandor's ring picture This is actually a Jandor's Ring with wrong text Spanish Mirage Reality Ripple - Shaper guildmage picture Revised BB ('95) Spanish Burrowing - printed with the strip mine picture and background As far as I know, these are the only 9 cards printed with the wrong picture, arguably the biggest and most noticeable mistake to be made on a card. There are other misprints having to do with pictures, and they are: S-Chinese foil Zombify: Some small portion (maybe half?) are printed with the name, card type, number, and artist of Aura Graft. Jamuraan Lions (Visions). The English picture seems zoomed in 50% from every other foreign printing - you can't see nearly as much of what i think is a pretty cool picture. When I started looking for these, I thought the foreign ones were misprinted. Now, I think the English one is misprinted. Many of you wrote to confirm this - the non-English cards show a lot more of the picture. I got 4 lions in the mail from Germany...and 1 of them was like the English picture! Zoomed in! This is because one version of the card was released as a preview card. English Mirage Skulking Ghost: It seems to have two different print runs with slightly different cropping. On one printing, the picture is darker and richer, and centered about 1/8th of an inch lower than the other printing. The easiest way to tell is by looking at Robert Bliss' Autograph in the upper right corner. The reason for this difference is unknown. Italian Tempest Grindstone "Mola": All printings of this card have a black oval in the center of the picture. French MM Jhovall Queen: All printings of this card have a blue bullseye in the picture. Cards with the wrong casting cost: BLUE: BB Korean Sinbad - 1B not 1U. Everything else about the card is normal. English Portal 2 Extinguish - this common is missing ink around the teardrop - it's just a white mark. Korean Tempest Winged sliver - 2U instead of 1U Italian Legacy Fleeting Image - 1U instead of 2U - note, the Foil is correct! BLACK: Italian 5th edtion ('97) Breeding Pit - Completely missing a casting cost! Japanese ON Severed Legion FOIL ONLY: Printed with no CC GREEN: Italian Ice Age Dire Wolves -3G instead of 2G Portuguese Ice Age Pyknite - 1G instead of 2G Korean Weatherlite Arctic Wolves - 2GG instead of 3GG Chinese Saga Hush - 2G instead of 3G Squall - The starter version is 1G, the Masques and 7th version is 2G, WTOC won't admit either is a misrpint. RED: Alpha cards with wrong casting cost - error, or just too powerful? Alpha Orcish Oriflamme - 1R not 1RR Alpha Orcish Artillery - 1R not 1RR Anthologies Mogg Raider - RR not R WHITE: Korean BB ('96) Animate Wall - 3W not W Chinese Saga Opal Caryatid - 1W instead of W Chinese Saga Silent Attendant - W instead of 1W Chinese Saga ROP Land - W instead of 1W Anthologies Armored Pegasus - 2W instead of 1W Anthologies Samite Healer - 2W instead of 1W Anthologies Warrior's Honor - 1W instead of 2W Artifacts: Alpha Cyclopean Tomb - Missing casting cost completely 5th edition French ('97) Glasses of Urza - 0 instead of 1 5th edition Spanish ('97) Ornithopter - 1 instead of 0 Hybrid: Spanish Salvat Selesnya Guildmage was printed with red mana symbols in its hybrid cost instead of white. Text errors by Color ARTIFACTS: 5th Edition Spanish ('97) Mana Vault: Missing the line 'Tap to add 3 mana to your mana pool. This error makes this card pretty awful. 5th Edition Portuguese Mana Vault: Minor typo in the last line - the word "interrupcao" has a space in the middle of the word (interrup cao) Portuguese BB and WB Conservator: Prevents the loss of life, not damage Revised BB (94) German Kormus Bell: Says you can tap Kormus Bell for mana or to attack, not lands. 4th BB (96) Korean Clockwork Avian: Says that you can put up to 7 counters on it, not 4. Revised English Nevynerral's Disk: Missing tap symbol Revised Spanish BB (95) and Portuguese WB (95) Ashnod's Battle Gear: Lets you target any creature Spanish Ice Age Vexing Arcanix: Says 'target opponent' not 'target player' French Ice Age Jester's Mask: Lets you target any player Portuguese Homelands Clockwork Swarm: The first line of this card is correct - It can't be blocked by walls - but the rest of the card is the text of Clockwork Steed! French Mirage Unerring Sling: The first version of this card can target only NON-flying creatures, but there is a corrected version of this card. German Visions Tin-Wing Chimera: This card's card type is "Blechflugelchimare" - Tin wing Chimera, instead of "Artifact Creature". Japanese Tempest Cursed Scroll: Activation cost is 2, not 3 English Tempest Cold storage: Maybe not a true error, but WOTC neglected to explain what 'putting a card on cold storage' meant, resulting in extensive errata text. English Saga Wall of Junk: Not a wall! Just an artifact creature. Spanish Saga Temporal Aperture: Has a strange 'o' before the 'X' in the reminder text Chinese Legacy Beast of Burden: Is an artifact, not an artifact creature Japanese Legacy Thran War Machine: Has its entire text printed in flavor text font. German Nemesis Viceling: The text of the card refers to it as Schraubzwingli, which is nonsense, when the card name is actually Schraubzwingling. Japanese Masques Bargaining Table: Entire text is printed in rules font - it is a deadly serious card. German Prophecy Kheldon Battle Wagon: Sacrifice it at the end of the turn, instead of end of combat. Portuguese Prophecy Chimeric Idol turns into a 3/3 creature "that counts as a golem" (!) English Beatdown Box Clockwork Avian: Missing 'flying' Japanese MM Iron Lance and Kyren Toy have an all-black circle around the tap symbol in the text box, identical to the error on the German IA Karplusan Forest. French 8th Rod of Ruin does 3 damage, not 1 French Mirrodin Icy taps OR untaps a creature, artifact or land Spanish AND T-Chinese Oblivion Stones destroy only the permanents WITH the fate counter Japanese Talisman of Impulse has the wrong mana symbol in the rules text - it gives white not red mana German Darksteel Talon of Pain gets a counter only on Combat Damage Italian Pentavus is missing the last line of text on the card, so that when you pay 1: and sac a token, you can "Put a counter on" About half of the Portuguese Darksteel Angel's feathers were printed without half of the first line of text. Chinese 5th Dawn Razormane Masticore says you have to discard TWO cards. Russian 9th Teferi's Puzzle Box tells you to put your hand on top of your library before drawing, not on the bottom (making the card pointless). Portuguese Mirrodin Viridian Longbow gives its ability to "enchanted" creature, not equipped Italian Saviors O-Naginata gives its ability to "enchanted" creature, not equipped Portuguese Darksteel Archbound Crusher only gets a counter when artifact CREATURES come into play, not just any artifact. Several Portuguese Legendary permanents in COK have a space in their card type "lenda rio" instead of lendario. Konda's Banner and Shell of the last Kappa have this error. Several Korean Beta artifacts are missing the colorless mana circle around their activations costs. Alladin's ring is one of the more obvious with this minor error. GOLD: English Legends Chromium: Has shading around the 2 on Rampage: 2 - shouldn't be there! German Invasion Spinal Embrace: Missing the word 'target' Japanese Invasion Meteor Storm: The foil version of this card (only) has a different name for the card printed in the rules text box. German Invasion Void: says target opponent, not target player. German Planeshift Darigaaz's Charm: Missing the word "Player", only damages creatures. German Planeshift Malicious Advice: Missing the word Target. German Apocalypse Squee's Revenge FOIL ONLY: Has one letter too many in the rules text, making "until you win a coin flip" translate to "are you a coin flip"! "bis(t) Du ein en Muenzwurf gewinnst." Italian Apocalypse Ebon Treefolk have the word Treefolk left untranslated in their card type (should be Silvantropo) Russian Ravnica Selesnya Guildmage makes 3 saprolings when you activate it, not just one! Portuguese IN Voracious Cobra: Called "Naja Voraj" in the name and "Cobra Voraz" in the rules text Portuguese PS Ordered Migration: Tokens do not have flying LAND: French IA Lava tubes: Gives you R and G, not R and B German IA Karplusan Forest: There is a black circle around the 3rd tap arrow. Japanese Mirage Grasslands: 1/2 of the printings of this card are missing the last line of text. I'm not sure what line is missing in English. It appears to be 1 word. German Legacy Fairy Conclave and Forbidding Watchtower: Missing the creature's color Spanish Legacy uncommon lands: All have a spelling error - entre instead of entra Spanish 6th edition City of Brass: 'Ciudad de Bronce' not capitalized in text box. German Saga Thran Quarry: Says to bury it at the end of YOUR turn, not the end of THE turn. Spanish Masques Rishadan Port: Missing a period at the end of the sentence in text box. Spanish Masques Peat bog: Has all of the text of Remote farm instead of Peat Bog! German Nemesis Rath's Edge: Gives you 2 colorless mana instead of 1 Spanish Prophecy Wintermoon Mesa: The text lines are spaced strangely, and they overlap slightly, top to bottom. All of the Portuguese sac lands all have the word 'deck' untranslated at one point in the rules text (should be Grimorio). Also, Polluted Delta is Delta Poluido, but the rules text refers to it as Delta Pluido. BLACK: Portuguese Beta Hypnotic Spector: Player discards whenever A SPECTER deals damage to him, not just hyppie Italian Revised BB (94) Royal Assasin: Destroys a creature the HAS BEEN tapped German Revised WB (95) Nettling Imp: Missing the tap symbol German Revised BB (94) and WB (95) Cursed land: Worded so that the land does the damage Chinese 4th BB(96) Cosmic Horror: Missing 'first strike' Chinese 4th BB (96) vampire bats: Missing 'Flying' S-Chinese and T-Chinese Portal Dread Reaper: Missing 'Flying' German IA Norritt: First line of text is smaller than the rest. German MI Ebony Charm: The first printing of this card was accidentally the wording of a playtest version of the card, which was too powerful. It had the first effect as 'all players lose 3 life', the second was correct, and the third was 'target creature gains first strike. A corrected version was also printed, that says 'correct version' in italics at the bottom of the text box. Spanish MI Barbed Back Wurm: Missing the word 'green' in text box Japanese VI Crypt rats: Mana circle around second X, which is damage Portuguese TE Abandon Hope: No matter what 'X' is, target player discards 3 cards. Korean Saga Corrupt is printed as card type "Corrupt"(in Korean, same as name) Spanish Legacy Phyrexian Denouncer: has a minor misprint where 'hasta' is spelled 'heasta'. Chinese Destiny Body Snatcher: Lets you discard any card, not just creatures English Destiny Bubbling Muck: Along the bottom of the black border of the card, in black letters, is the printer's note: "WWK Black Mana - not an Anchor" This error is very very hard to see. Spanish Masques Unmask: Says "Target player" instead of opponent Portuguese Masques Unmask: Says you may remove a black CREATURE from your hand German Masques Enslaved Horror: Allowes EACH PLAYER to put a creature into play, not just opponent. German Prophecy Greel, Mindraker: ALL 5 German Spellshapers have creature type roughly translated as "Spellshaperlegend", there should be a space! German Invasion Defiling Tears: Makes creature +1/+1, not +1/-1 Spanish OD Cabal Patriarch: Missing the last line of text, which is just the word "turn", so it says "...-2/-2 until the end of the" French (WB 97) 5th edition Drain life: The X for the colorless mana activation is MUCH larger than the gray mana circle around it. S-Chinese Headhunter has no white ink in the card type, so it looks like it doesn't have a card type. Spanish Mirrodin Promise of Power doesn't say the token is black Portuguese BB + WB Hypnotic Specter makes your opponent discard if it deals damage! (I need one!) Italian Mirage Ravenous Vampire doesn't have flying Portuguese BB Pestilence Rats has a strange space in the word "Pestilent os" in the rules text (it should be 1 word without the space) Portuguese WB Warp artifact does damage during YOUR upkeep, not the controller's. Portuguese Onslaught Silent Specter is missing flying. French 5th Drain life - the shading around the X in the text box is too small for the X. Portuguese Planeshift Morgue Toad: The word 'Creature' was left untranslated in the card type. S-Chinese ON Headhunter: Card type is missing white ink, so it actually looks like it has no card type. Portuguese ON Chain of Smog: the word Smog is left untranslated. T-Chinese Foil To Waste Away: I have 1 copy of this card with a red outline printed around the text box and one normal copy. I'm curious to know if anyone else has seen this red outline on any versions of this card, or if what I have is unique? French ON Undead Gladiator: Says you can play the ability only during your turn, not just your upkeep Portuguese Fifth Dawn Endless Whispers: Missing the line "at the end of turn" Portuguese Betrayers Stir the Grave: Returns it to your hand, not play. WHITE: Japanese BB (96) Castle: Printed with card type "Summon Ants" S Chinese 5th Armageddon: Card type has different character in black and white ink. Spanish 5th (97) COP artifacts: costs 1 to activate, not 2 German Revised (95)Castle: ALL creatures get the bonus, not just yours Korean 5th (97) Mesa Falcon: Missing flying Korean 5th (97) COP's: ALL have the text of COP black European Rennaissance Piety: Wrong Koran verse - 24:51 Legends Infinite Authority: Word 'Creature' is spelled 'Creaeture' once German IA Blessed wine: misspells 'Lebenspunk', should be Lebenpspunkt German WL Angelic Renewal: Translation error makes for a confusing tense error: "Whenever any creature go to your graveyard from play..." misspells "landen" - should be "landet". Portuguese Tempest Elite Javelineer: When it ATTACKS, it deals one damage to an attacking creature. Spanish VI Jamuraa Lions: Has creature type double stamped in white ink. Japanese Tempest Warmth: Gives 3 life not 2 Korean SH Lancers En-Kor: Missing trample Spanish Portal 2 Vengeance: Has two periods at the end of the rules text.. Spanish Saga Shimmering Barrier: Reminder text not in italics Spanish Saga ROP Lands is card type "Enchant Creature", not enchantment German Masques Cho-Arrim Bruiser: Misspells the word "Angreifst", it should be "angrift" German Nemesis Lightbringer: Lets you destroy a black CARD, not black creature Spanish Nemesis Avenger En-dal: Double spacing in text box German Invasion Sunscape Apprentice: Lets you put target creature on owner's library, you don't have to control it. German Planeshift Sunscape Battlemage: says "draw two TARGET cards..." Simplified Chinese Apocalypse Spectral Lynx: Missing the line "Protection from Green" Spanish Torment Spirit Flare: Missing the word "Target" in the 2nd sentence French Torment FOIL ONLY Transcendance says you WIN the game if you are at 20 or more life! The non-foil is correct! Chinese BB Wrath of god has the card type printed twice Spanish COP artifacts only costs 1 to activate Portuguese TE Worthy Cause costs 3 to buyback, not 2 Portuguese Mirrodin Awe Strike: Says 'a' creature, not "target" creature. Portuguese Masques Cornered Market: Translated as "nor basic lands" instead of "non-basic lands" French Piety Charm: Detroys enchanted creature, not a creature enchantment. Italian Mirrodin Auriok champion: Your equipment costs one less, not equip costs. Portuguese COK Kitsune Mystic has the creature type of its flip untranslated (it says 'fox wizard' in english) French Samurai of the Pale Curtain: Removes permanents that go into the graveyard from the game "this turn" or "until the end of the turn" (can French folk please help clarify?) Portuguese COK Etherial Haze: Prevents only combat damage instead of all damage dealt by creatures this turn. Italian BOK Genju of the Fields: Has a card type of Enchant Plains (plural). In English, this makes sense, just because plains has an 'S' on the end of it. But in Italian, Plains cards are called Pianura, not Pianure- if we were talking about mountains, it would be as though the card type was "Enchant Mountains" instead of "Enchant Mountain" BLUE: Alpha Unsummon: Says '...enchantments on creature are CARD ed.' Italian LE Sergovian Leviathan: Quotes wrong bible verse Job 40:20 English LE Leviathan, (all printings: Also quotes wrong verse - Job 40:25 Chinese Revised BB (96) Time Elemental: Has a comma between the 2 and UU in the activation cost Japanese Revised BB (96)Wizard apprentice: Missing mana circle around the '3' in text box Spanish 5th (97) Unstable Mutation: Card type is 'Mutacion inestible' - unstable mutation, instead of enchant creature Spanish 6th Zur's Wierding: Players play with their hands 'opened' Spanish 6th Chill: Says red spells cost 2 'or more' Promo 6th Foil Chill: about 1/2 were printed with a faded '2' English IA Balduvian Shaman: First word is spelled badly: 'Permanantly' Japanese TE Rootwater diver: Lets you get a creature rather than an artifact. Japanese Tempest Fylamarid: Card type "Summon Fylamarid", not beast German TE Propaganda: Says all creatures cannot attack, missing 'you'. Portuguese Exodus Dominating Licid: Missing a mana circle around the 1 in the activation cost. S-Chinese and T-Chinese Portal Storm Crow: Both are missing flying S-Chinese Portal Owl Familiar: Printed with 'flying', but beyond that, it is printed with the special ability of Undying beast! "When undying beast is put into any graveyard from play, put it on top of owner's library." Spanish Saga Zephid's Embrace: Enchanted creature gets '+2/2' Spanish Nemesis Accumulated Knowledge: There is a space between the letters in the word 'al'. Chinese Nemesis Acuumulated Knowledge: The rules text is printed twice on the card. German Invasion Teferi's Response: Missing the line "Draw two cards" German Metathran Transport: Can be blocked ONLY by blue creatures German Planeshift Rushing River: Missing the word "Target" German Planeshift Dralnu's Pet: Has flying all the time, not just when you pay the kicker. Spanish Judgement Lost in Thought: Card type "EncantarCriatura" - there should be a space between Enchantar and Crieatura Japanese Legions Keeper of the Nine Gales is missing flying Japanese 8th Merchant Scroll is card type: Merchant Scroll German Scourge Pemmin's Aura has U: TARGET creature gains flying... French Foil only TO coral net is missing the last word of text - "Hand" English OD Cephalid Looter - A few of these cards were printed with creature type Cephalid Wizard instead of just Cephalid. Korean 5th Magus of the Unseen - the U and 1 in its activation cost are reversed Portuguese 8th Curiosity - Triggers only on combat damage, not any damage Italian Mirage Jolt - the card type line is much smaller than other cards in the set Portuguese Mirrodin Slith Strider: gets a counter whenever it deals damage, not just damage to players. Spanish COK Meloku: makes 2/2 tokens, not 1/1 tokens. Portuguese COK Moyjin of Seeing Winds: It's completely missing the lines about what happens if you take a divinity counter off. Portuguese COK Graceful Adept: Rules text is printed in English! I have heard there is a fixed version of this, but can't find one. If anyone has one, I would like to trade for it. German COK Peer Through Depths: Refers to the Unspeakable as "Der Unaussprechliche", but in German the Unspeakable is "Der Unaussprechbare" Portuguese BOK Floodbringer: Returns ANY target land, not just yours English Foil Thunderheads: About 10% of these were printed with the Y and W letters missing from all italics text RED: Alpha Red Elemental Blast: Should be an interrupt, not an instant (now, it IS an instant). Portuguese Revised BB (95) (and WB) Goblin Balloon Brigade: The activated ability for flying is BELOW the flavor text, AND it is in italics. I still need a WB version, if it exists.* German Revised BB Dwarven Weaponsmith (94): Gives EACH creature you control +1/+1 S-Chinese 5th (98) Shivan dragon: Instead of the red mana symbol in the activation cost, there is 'oR:', and I mean the actual letter 'R'. Spanish 6th Edition Goblin Elite Infantry: ? Legends Blood Lust: Says "Target creatures gain..." but you can only target 1 creature. Italian Alliances Varchild's War Riders missing Trample, Rampage:1 Anthologies Raging Goblin: Uses the Portal version's flavor text Anthologies Pyrokinesis: Missing flavor text Korean Saga Viashino Outrider: Has Cycling:2 instead of echo! German Saga Fire Ants: Missing a space between the name Feuerameisen and the word "fuegen" in the text box, making one long, nonsensical word. English Destiny Colos Yearling: Most have written along the bottom, in black ink ON the black border (it is very hard to see), the tops of the letters that spell the printing instructions: "Remove Reminder Text". Indeed, they did not, however the foil version DOES NOT have reminder text. Spanish Masques Crash: Missing a period German Invasion Scorching Lava: Deals 1 damage instead of 2 Japanese Masques Warmonger: Completely missing flavor text. T-Chinese Planeshift Caldera Kavu: Has a space between the B and 1 in the activation cost in the first ability. German JD Lightning Surge: Is printed as an instant, not a sorcery. Spanish JD Arcane Teachings: Printed as card type "Esta Criatura" which means "This Creature", instead of Enchant Creature. French 8th Rukh Egg: Doesn't say the Rukh has flying. Portuguese Orcish Spy lets you put the cards back in any order Portuguese BB and WB Power Surge activates during TARGET PLAYER's upkeep Portuguese Urza's Legacy Ghitu Fire Slinger: Text box is printed in a unique font Spanish Saga Dromosaur: Named Dromosauro, refers to itself as Dromosaururo in the text box German 8th Sizzle: Hits all PLAYERS, not opponents German IA Bone Shaman: About 1/2 of these cards were printed with the white and black text of the card type severely offset. Portuguese Mogg Jailer: Says he can't attack YOU! Portuguese Judgement Burning Wish: Its name is Desejo Abrasador, but the text tells you to remove Desejo Ardente from the game Portuguese ON Break Open: Can target any creature French ON Fever Charm: Called "Fetiche de fievre" in the name, "charm de Feivre" in the text box. Portuguese ON Crown of Fury: Missing a space before +1/+0 Russian Ravnica Molten Sentry: ends up 5/2 no matter how the flip goes! Every printing of Guildpact Hypervolt Grasp: Has the imprint of the Gruul guild symbol, but is actually an Izzet card. GREEN: Alpha Birds of Paradise: Have two slash marks // after the word "Flying" T-Chinese Revised BB (96) Ley Druid: The characters for the creature type don't match up in both white and black ink. It says summon cleric in white, but summon druid in black. Korean 5th (97) Killer Bees: Missing flying English 4th Edition Gaea's Liege: Misspells "Liege - Leige" S-Chinese 5th (98) Johtull Wurm: The creature type doesn't match up in both white and black ink. I do not know what either say. English Dark Gaea's Touch: About 1/3 of these cards have the text and casting cost shifted a centimeter to the left. French Ice Age Hot Springs: The white text for the card type is shifted 3/4 inch to the right of the black ink. German IA Venomous Breath: Some fraction (perhaps all) have the casting cost shifted 2 CM to the left. English IA Johtull Wurm: Refers to it as "Worm" in the text box Spanish MI Femeref Archers: Missing the word 'attacking' from the text. Spanish MI Needletooth Djinn: Refers to it as 'Dijinn' in text Spanish MI Barbed Foliage: Swaps flying for flanking Korean Visions Warthog: Has an extra "(" In reminder text Chinese Legacy Defense of the heart: Makes you put your creatures into play tapped. Spanish Legacy Might of Oaks: Says "Enchanted creature gains +7/+7" Spanish Legacy Deranged Hermit Puts squirrel "counters" into play, not tokens. German Nemesis Overlaid Terrain: Says you sac the lands as an additional cost instead of a comes-into-play triggered ability. Japanese and German Invasion Llanowar Cavalry: Is missing the line "until the end of the turn." Japanese Invasion Thicket Elemental: Puts the card into your hand, not in to play. German Invasion Bind: Is card type "Instant", in English, not "Spontanzauber" English Foil Thornscape Battlemage (Planeshift): There is an inking error in the white mana symbol. This error also occurs in the 2001 World Champ deck as well, on the non-foil reprint. T-Chinese 7th Elvish Piper: Missing the G in activation cost. Japanese Portal Three Kingdoms Zodiac Rabbit: Card type "Rabbit" Japanese JD Serene Sunset FOIL ONLY: Has an extra word in the card type, roughly translating to "Instant-ment" or some similar nonsense. At least 3 green foil cards were printed with the text of Akroma's Blessing: Stag Beetle, Venemspout Brakus, and Weird Harvest. JP Scourge Ambush commander is missing the word "Creature" in the rules text after describing 1/1 lands. Japanese 8th Llanowar Behemoth is missing the '1' in +1/+1 in the rules text Portuguese Invasion Tangle says "attacking creatures donīt untap during their controllerīs untap steps"! Portuguese Invasion Thicket Elemental was translated as "Elemental dos Bosques", but, n the text box, itīs translated as "Elemental das Matas"! Portuguese Planeshift Alpha Kavu can only target Alpha Kavus German Darksteel Tangle dryad has a weird comma in the text box so that it makes your creatures unblockable if your opponent has an artifact, land. Portuguese Revised WB Thicket Basilisk: There is a strange bar just outside of the text box near the first line of flavor text. Portuguese 5th Marsh Viper - Only gives out 1 poison counter German IA Gorilla Pack: About half have the white and black ink of the card type offset slightly. Spanish WL Harvest Wurm: Creature type is Wurm, should have been translated to Sierpe Portuguese Invasion tangle: Says creatures don't untap as normal during their controller's turn...implying that they never again untap. Portuguese Invasion Restock: Refers to itself as 'restock' in the rules text, not the Portuguese name (Rearmazenar). Portuguese Apoc Penumbra Wurm: The token it makes doesn't have trample. French COK Moyjin of Life's Web: Says that Myojin of Night's Reach is indistructable if it has a divinity counter Portuguese PL Thornscape Familiar: Reduces casting costs for all spells, not just yours Spanish COK Budoka Pupil: Missing Trample German COK Nature's Will: The word "nature" isn't translated in the name. S-Chinese P3K Zodiac Rabbit: Has "Rabbit" as a card type, not "creature-rabbit" Italian Nullmage AND Forcemage Advocate from JD: Both creatures allow you to return cards from any graveyard, not just an opponent's. Cards with the wrong expansion symbol: French and German RN Leviathan: Legends instead of Dark French and German RN Erosion: Legends instead of Dark French and German RN Mana Clash: Legends instead of Dark English Chronicles Wall of Shadows: Antiquities instead of Legends Anthologies Goblin Hero: Dark instead of 6th or Starter Anthologies Carniverous Plant: Legends instead of Dark Anthologies Mirri: Black Common, not Gold Rare Starter Goblin Hero: Gold Rare, not black common Starter Mon's Goblin Raiders: Gold Rare, not black common Portuguese BOK Jushi Apprentice: Printed with two expansion symbols - one where it should be, one in the art where it would be normally. Spanish BOK Genju of the Cedars: Expansion symbol is shifted about a centimeter to the left of where it should be. Cards with NO expansion symbol: Antiquities Reconstruction RN Xenic Poltergeist (Italian for sure, possibly French and German too) French RN Winter Blast (Artist is listed as "Kaja Foglio/lg") Japanese Nalathni Dragon (Was part of a card redemption program, the English version had a small dragon symbol). ALL 5 Italian Legacy uncommon lands English Legacy Foil Beast of Burden (Was supposed to be stamped with the pre-relese date and symbol, but a few were given to DCI Legends members without the stamp, and thus without a symbol). Promotional Foil Urza's Saga Island (Only a small number of these were printed without the expansion symbol, perhaps 1 in 10). Promotional Foil Lightning Hounds: A few of these have appeared with no symbol whatsoever. It may stem from their use as promo cards, printed with the Mask AND a silver quill...These are extremely rare (perhaps one per sheet when they were printed as promo cards). Copyright Date Errors 5 English 5th edition red cards have an error on about half of thier printings. The following cards have half of their printing's copyright dates in PORTUGUESE, not English: Shivan Dragon, Ironclaw Curse, Game Chaos, Inferno, Manabarbs. Italian IA Fyndhorn Elves: Copyright date in English, not Italian German Revised BB (94) Islands: French copyright date not German French Homelands Leeches: There is a space in the word 'reser ves' French IA Goblin Ski Patrol: Missing the copyright date completely German IA Pale Bears: Missing the copyright date completely Spanish IA Mountain Titan: Missing the copyright date completely Japanese 5th Ray of Command: also Printed without a copyright date at all. Italian IA Wooly Spider has an English copyright date. Invasion Pre-release foil Kavu Furens: Copyright date 1993-1999, but the tournament was in September 2000. The non-pre-release versions are correct - 1993-2000. (Not really a copyright error, but) Portuguese Saga Intrepid Hero: After Brian Snoddy's name comes the line [T/S set overbar on "o"], which runs over the power and toughness. Spanish Mercadian Masques Worry Beads and Rishadan footpad: Both have a VERY tiny copyright line. Italian 6th Illicit Auction: Same thing - super-tiny C line - barely readable to the naked eye. Japanese TO Uncommon Lands: All printed with a date of 1993-2003. TO came out in Summer of '02, and all of the other cards in the set are OK. Spanish DS Emmisary of Despair: About half of these uncommons were printed with the word "of" in "Wizards of the Coast" Bolded. German SOK Burning-eye Zubera: About half of these cards were printed with the artist and copyright line in white ink, not black. Italian WB Revised: Several cards appear to have their copyright line double-stamped with white ink, instead of white on black shadow. The 4 I have found are Wooly Mammoth, Demonic Attourney, Creature bond0, and Library of Leng Numbering Errors: English Saga Phyrexian Colossus is #306 instead of #305 German Saga ROP artifact: #38 instead of #35 Portuguese Legacy Rancor is #112 instead of #110 2 Green English P3K cards are wrong: Trained Cheetah #155, Trained Jackal #155, and Trip Wire #154. They should be Cheetah #154, Jackal #155, Trip Wire #156 All Chinese Legacy Red cards are numbered out of /350, not /143. All 15 Japanese P3K Basic lands are #166/180, and only 1 of them is right. Japanese P3K - number 104 'Burning of Xinye' has number 124 in the Japanese set. English cards numbered 105 up to 124 are numbered 104 up to 123 in the Japanese version (most of the red cards). Japanese P3K - Kongming's contraptions, #10, is missing a number completely. +5 Japanese TO commons were printed with the '1' missing in front of 100 of their numbering: Khamal's sledge (listed as 02/143, etc), Longhorn Firebeast, Petravark, Pardic Lancer, and Krosan Restorer (listed as 30/143). I have heard reports that the Japanse Lu Bu from P3K has the wrong number, but cannot confirm it. English Foil GP: Two cards had some printings that were missing the number "4" on the number line: Shadow Lance and Gruul Guildmage. There is a space for the fours, but no fours, so they both look like they're #1. Only a small percent of these foils have this error, maybe 10%. P/T Errors: Alpha Elvish Archers: 1/2, should be 2/1 Anthologies Mirri: 2/2, should be 2/3 T-Chinese AND Korean Exodus Pygmy Troll: White numbers are 1/1, black shadow is 2/2 Japanese BB Revised Shapeshifter (96): Missing shadow ink (on artist too!) French IA Barbarian Guides: Missing shadow ink Spanish Tempest Canyon Drake: Missing shadow ink, AND has a black line under '2' Chinese Visions Suq' Ata Assasin: Missing P/T S-Chinese AND T-Chinese Invasion Slinking Serpent: Missing P/T, even the T-C foil (there was no S-Chinese foil) Japanese 7th COP White (Foil ONLY!): HAS a power and toughness - 1/1! at least 5 different German Portal cards have some printings in which the Shield covers the toughness of the creature, making it appear to have no to have no toughness. This error seems to occur in less than 1/2 of the printings of each card. The five I know of are: Raging Minotaur, Desert Drake, Craven Giant, and Skeletal Snake and Charging Bandits.

Mana Inking problems:
5 Chinese AND Korean Exodus White cards were printed with a yellow circle around the colorless
casting cost:  Allay, Charging Palladin, Wall of Nets, Soltari Visionary, Standing Troops.
Chinese tempest has two cards with white activation costs in Gray circles:  Master Decoy
and Mounted Archers
Italian 5th Edition Brainwash:  W in gray circle in casting cost
Italian WB 4th (95) Mesa Pegusus: 1 in casting cost in DARK gray circle, not light gray
Korean BB Revised (96) Mountains:  All appear to have no shading around the R 
English and Japanese Legacy Spawning Pool:  No shading aroud B in regeneration ability
English Invasion Crosis, the Purger:  No shading around B in activated ability
Spanish Invasion Tinder Farm:  Pink shading around W
Spanish Invasion Irrigation Ditch:  Gray circle around U
S-Chinese Geothermal Crevice:  Pink shading around B
T-Chinese Revised BB (96) Erosion:  Blue circle around 1 in text box
Japanese WL Noble Benefactor:  Pink shading around U in casting cost
Korean SH Volrath's Shapeshifter:  Blue circle around 2 in text box
Spanish Invasion Shoreline Raider:  Pink shading aroun U in casting cost
Japanes Mirage Raging Spirit:  Has red circle around 2 in text box
Italian IA Errantry:  Gray shading around R in casting cost
Drain Life (and many other alphas):  Has the letter B instead of symbol
Legends Imprison:  Mana shading circle is 1 CM above '1' in text box
Spanish Invasion Nightscape Apprentice:  Gray shading around U in text box
IA Arcum's Whistle:  Missing shading around X in text box
Portuguese IA Warning - missing color around the casting cost
Korean Revised BB (96) Artifacts:  Many seem to be missing shading in 
their text boxes.  Two I have with this error are Alladin's Lamp, and 
Amulet of Kroog.
French IA Brown Orphe:  Has GREEN shading around the tap arrow in text box
Korean Tempest Skyshroud Troll:  Has yellow shading around 1 in text box
Spanish 6th Dense Foliage:  Has GREEN shading around 2 in casting cost
Korean WB 5th edition Wild Growth:  In a box, I got 4 of these.  Two of
them had an error with the image of the tree appearing mangled in the 
text box.  The other two were fine.  Anyone else find this?
Spanish Invasion Obliterate:  Strange shading in the RR of the casting cost.
English Foil Planeshift Thornscape Battlemage:  There is no shading around the
first white mana symbol in the kicker cost.
Portuguese Saga Hopping Automaton:  Has a VERY dark circle in the 0 of the 
activation cost.  More like the black mana circle than gray.
ALL ENGLISH NEMESIS GREEN FOILS:  Printed with white circles around the 
colorless mana symbos in their activation costs, not gray ones.  Cards 
include:  Overlaid Terrain, Skyshroud Poacher, Harvest Mage, Saproling Cluster.
S-Chinese Onslaught Choking Tethers is missing the gray circle around the
1 in its reminder text.
S-Chinese 8th Fodder Cannon is missing the mana symbol around the 4 in its 
activation cost
Japanese Scourge Stifle is actually missing blue ink around the casting cost
Japanese Onslaught Centaur glade is missing ink in its activation cost around
the 1st forest at the top.
French Portal 2 Brimstone Dragon and Natural spring have colored mana circles
around the colorless in their CC - red and green respectively.
Japanese Null Rod - White shading around the casting cost
Italian 6th Juxtapose:  Missing ink around Blue mana symbol in CC
Japanese 5th Portent:  Missing ink around Blue Mana symbol in CC
German IA Zuran Enchanter:  Missing black shading around B in activation cost
Portuguese IA Yavimaya Gnats:  Missing green shading in activation cost
German Beta Gloom:  Missing gray shading around 3 in rules text
Korean VI Phyrexian Marauder:  Has shading around the X in the text box (and shouldn't - it indicates counters)

Problems with the name:
German BB Revised (94) Vetran Bodyguard: Translated as "Bodyguard of the Veteran"
Spanish 5th Order of the Sacred Torch:  The translation is so long that it spills
into the casting cost - Orden de la Antorcha Sagrada - the 'da' is in the 1.
Portuguese Saga Healing Salve:  The name is in English
Japanese P3K Volunteer Militia:  Only white ink in the name
German Masques Foil *ONLY* Ramosan Captain:  Has the name of Jhovall Rider
Spanish Nemesis Lashknife:  "Cadena con cuchillo" in name, "Latigazo con cuchillo"
in the text box.
S-Chinese Portal Deep Sea Serpent:  Black ink printed twice, white only once
T-Chinese Legacy Cloud of Faeries:  Translated as Clouds of Faerie
Spanish Destiny Rayne:  On approximately 1/2, the black and white ink do not
match up.  The black ink is spaced wider, and spills into the casting cost.
German 6th Blood pet:  Spelled incorrectly on this version, as SchloBtier instead 
of SchoBtier.  It is correct in the text of the card.
Spanish WL Buried alive:  Name is in Times font, not the normal Magic font
Spanish Saga Parisitic Bond:  Viculo parasitario in name, Vinculo Parasitario in text
German Masques Foil *ONLY* Delraich:  Has the name of Nether spirit
German Invasion Phyrexian Reaper:  Phyrexianishcer Schnitter in name, Phyrexianische
Schnitter in text box.
German Coercion/Duress:  German VI Coercion is "Zwangsabgabe", 6th is "Zwang", German
Saga Duress is ALSO "Zwang".  Zwang is the wrong name - it should be "Zwangsabgabe" 
(Zwang is correct for Duress).  This error was corrected in 7th edition.
German Saga Unnerve is "Zermurbung", Destiny Attrition is "Vershleib", but in the black
German pre-constructed deck for Destiny, the Attrition is printed as "Zermurbung".
Spanish 5th Fountain of Youth: Name is in English
German Revised WB (95) Conservator and Balance*:  Name is in English
S-Chinese 5th Pentagram of the Ages:  Black and white ink does not match
T-Chinese Revised BB (96) Firebreathing:  Black ink says 'Firebreathing", white
says "Firebreathing Enchantment".
German Revised BB (94) Roc of Kher Ridges:  Misspelled as Khergebrige
instead of Khergebirge
Revised Mons Goblin Raiderse and Titania's Song:  No apostrophe in name
Legends Aerathi Berserker:  Missing Ae in name
Japanese Stronghold Duct Crawler:  Black and white ink don't match
Italian Saga Shiv's Embrace:  White and black ink don't match (the S in Shiv
is capitalized in white but not black, throwing off the match of the two inks)
German Saga Antagonism:  Antagonismus in name, Gegensatz in text
German Masques Warmonger:  White and Black ink don't match
German Mirage Superior Numbers:  Missing the dots over the U in the name
Spanish Saga Sporogenesis:  Text AND casting cost very, very tiny
German Legacy Ghitu Encampment:  "Ghitu Encampment" (English!) in name, 
Ghitulager in text box.
French Planeshift Gaea's Herald - mistranslated as Gerrard's Herald!
Japanese Destiny 'Rescue' and Japanese invasion "Stand and Deliver":
deliver has the same name.
Japanese Mirage Consuming Ferocity and Japanese Temest Blood Frenzy:
Printed with same name - Blood Frenzy was later corrected (there are 
two different versions).
Portuguese Nemesis Blastoderm:  Blastoderma, not Blastodermo...basically, it is feminine.
German Masques Indentured Djinn:  Dienender Dschinn in the name, Dienende Dschinn in
the text box.
German Masques Kyren Toy:  Black and white ink don't match up in the name.
German Masques Ghoul's Feast:  Black and white ink don't match up in the name.  Very
hard to see on a black card!!!
Perhaps not a mistake, but the Spanish Masques Thwart and Portuguese Prophecy
Foil are both called "Frustrar".
German IN Reckless Assault:  Ruckhaltloser Sturmlauf in the name, Ruckhaltlose Ansturm in 
the text.
Spanish OD Pardic Swordsmith:  Armaiolo Pardico in the name, Spardaro Pardico in the text.
German JD Fledgeling Dragon:  Heranwachsender Drache in the name, Junge Drache in the text.
German Mirrodin Domineer and Nemesis Dominate are both "Dominieren"
German Mirrodin Luminous Angel and Tempest Angelic Protector are both "Leuchtender Engel"
German Saga Jagged Lightning and Darksteel Barbed Lightning are both "Gezackter Blitz
Japanese Portal Mobilize and ON Mobilization have the same exact name
German Spark Spray is "Funkendusche" in the name and "Sprtzende" in the text.
Portuguese IN Thicket elemental is called Elemental dos Bosques in the name and
"Elemental das Matas" in the rules text
French Revised Balance has its name printed in English
Japanese Champions of Kamigawa - the Green and Black deceivers have the same name.  Evidence
suggests that the green one is wrong, since they both roughly translate to 'cruel'.

For an outstanding summary of some of the confusion in German names over the years, check out
the Excell file of German name mistakes create by Eugen Bruhin, available on page 2 of my site.

Wrong Artist! WB German Serendib Efreet - Lists Jesper Myrfors as the artist instead of Anson Maddocks - it was corrected in the BB version, but they switched back to the wrong one for WB! BB Korean Wall of Water - Jeff A. Menges instead of Richard Thomas Active Volcano English and Italian - Brian Snoddy instead of Justin Hampton RV Onulet - Kerstin Kaman instead of Anson Maddocks (you can see his sig!) Italian HL Aysen Abbey and An-havva Township - Pete Venters instead of Liz Danforth Wind Shear VI- John Matson instead of Gary Gianni Katabatic Winds - Gary Gianni instead of John Matson Japanese VI Mundungu - Robert Bliss instead of Therese Nielson Alpha COP Red - Anson Maddocks instead of Mark Tedin Alpha Death Ward - Dan Frazier instead of Mark Poole LE Disharmony - Byron Wackwitz instead of Phill Foglio LE Psionic Entity - Susan Van Camp should be Justin Hampton Alpha Sedge Troll* - Jeff A. Menges, should be Dan Frazier Alpha Tropical Island* - Mark Poole should be Jesper Myrfors* RV Plateau - Drew Tucker should be Cornelius Brudi Korean Clot Sliver - Should be Jeff Laubenstein, not Tom Kyffin It has come to my attention that most, if not ALL Portuguese and Spanish BB Mana Batteries list 'Anson Maddocks' as the artist. Here are the ones I know list Anson: Portuguese - ALL list Anson Maddocks - He only did Black Spanish - Green Mana Battery* - Anson again! Maybe others!* *French MI Mangara's Blessing lists David O'Connor, not David A Cherry* - I need it! Chinese Legacy Weatherseed Faeries list Bradley Williams instead of Hazeltine Exodus Thalakos Scout was drawn by John Matson not Daren Bader I'm sure there are many, MANY more I've missed in Foreign sets! This isn't quite the right artist! Dark cards by Dennis Detwiler list him as Denise Detwiler! All of them do! Unlimited Douglas Schuler Cards - Many of them list him as Schuler instead of Shuler - too many to list here. Alpha Icy lists him as Schuler as well. Italian WL Choking Vines - Ted Naife instead of Ted Naifeh BB Japanese Dirkwood Boars - Mark Kimble instead of Mike Kimble Chinese VI Undiscovered Paradise - David Oconnor instead of David O'Connor (no ' or capital C ) Korean VI Undiscovered Paradise and Bogardan Phoenix - David O'Conner instead of David O'Connor Chinese VI Bogardan Phoenix - the apostrophe in O'Connor is shifted right on the Black ink layer. Japanese VI Suq' Ata Lancer - the white ink layer is missing the 'i' in Miracola, so the inks are not in synch after the i. BB Japanese Rack and Wall of Spears - missing the black ink layer behind the artist name Chinese VI Raging Gorilla - Has two white layers of ink instead of 1White and 1Black behind artist. Japanese AND Italian Seeker of Skybreak - Daren Badger instead of Darren Bader! Italian Legacy's Allure - Darren Badger instead of Bader - anyone want to check JP? Italian IA Disenchant, Gangrenous Zombie, and Battle Frenzy - all list Brian Snoddy as Brian Sn%oddy. Quite odd! I did find other IT IA Snoddy cards that were right. Anyone know of any other that are wrong? Italian IA Freyalise Supplicant - Lists 'Liz Danforthds' as the artist - I guess the ds stands for Douglas Shuler, who should also be credited! Japanese CH Craw Giant - There is a tiny tiny line over the h in Christopher Rush's name, like the - over the o in many Snoddy cards. German Portal Relentless Assault - Reads "Wenerstrantd" and the E after W has a French 'accent grave' - looks like a slash over the e, pointing to the right side. JP BB Savannah Lions - Missing black ink behind artist's name JP MI Volcanic Geyser* - lower case 'c' in O'Connor* Korean VI Brood of Cockroaches - L Rabarot not 'I.' - I have heard all the Korean VI cards from them are like this? Japanese Infernal Tribute - There is a line over the 'i' in Nielsen JP BB Sengir Vampire - Double-white inking on artist Korean WL Firestorm - lists Jcff Miracola, not Jeff. Japanese WL Tolarian Serpent - there is a line over the r in 'Griffin' Korean BB Land Tax - Two dots over the o in Snoddy Korean BB Psychic Venom - Two dots over the o in Snoddy - are all Korean Snoddy cards like this? Is this a misprint? are the lines near the 'i's in Japanese cards mistakes, or some kind of weird syntax thing? French MI Pacificm and Ekundu Cyclops - Rob Bliss instead of Robert Bliss Korean Cinder Wall - Randy Gallergos, not Gallegos Korean Mannakin - Scott Krischner, not Kirschner Three of the four JP MI Plains list Tom Wannerstand not Tom Wannerstrand. The 'watering hole' pic is correct. Italian EX Wayward Soul - missing black ink from behind artist name JP MI Locust Swarm - William Donohue not William Donohoe JP MI Illumination - the 'C' in O'Connor is not capitalized Portuguese AND ENGLISH Mana Breach from Exodus is missing the black ink layer Spanish and English Wayward Soul are missing the black ink layer behind the artist name too Korean WL Apathy lists Phill Foglio, not Phil Spanish Femereff Archers - William Donohue not Donohoe Korean 5th Edition The Brute - has an extra space: Douglas S huler English AQ - Margret Organ-Kean spelled Organ-Keen Portuguese Legacy Angel's Trumpet* lists KevWalker, without a space* English AQ - Randy Asplund-Faith misspelled "Randy Apslund-Faith" Assault and all have the error Korean SH Verdant Touch says R.W. Kaluta instead of M.W.Kaluta

Who did this? BB Korean Phantom Monster WB German Tundra No Artist listed at all!!! Oddly enough, both are Jesper Myrfors... +Korean AND T-Chinese WB 5th Force of Nature - Pete Venters not credited Korean WB 5th, AND S-Chinese 5th Wall of Spears-no Zak Plucsinski French MM Rushwood Legate says Mark Romanski instead of Mark Romanoski

Wrong Border All 5 Spanish promo 'book' cards were printed with White Borders. The cards are Sewers of Estark, Windseeker Centaur, Giant Badger, Mana Crypt, and Arena.

*Please Read Before Contacting Me*

Thanks for checking out my misprint list!  It grows and grows every week, as more people become interested in misprints, and WOTC releases new sets.  IF you know of a misprint or error card that is not listed above, or marked with a *, I would LOVE to hear from you!  I am always happy to trade generously for new misprints.
BUT:  Before you write me, please note the following things:

1.  PURPOSELY do not include Summer Magic misprints on this page.  This set was never INTENDED tobe released to the public.  I KNOW about all of them, I am just not listing them.
2.  The Mana Circle error on LG Chromium IS listed above, please do not write to tell me about it.
3.  I collect mis-cut, mis-inked, albino, alpha-cut fourth, square cut, crimped, and other mangled cards, but I do not list them here.  I generally do NOT list 1-time mistakes like this,
because collectors cannot just go to a store or on the web looking for that misprint.  I want this list to be something where a collector can say "I want a Korean Force of Nature from 5th"
and know that every single one of them out there is missing the artist name.  So...please don't write to tell me about your friend who knows a guy 
who once saw a card with a yellow spot on it.  Unless you're willing to trade it or sell it to me.
4.  I make a lot of typos!  I probably make more errors than WOTC.  I would like to hear from you if you see any on my page, so I can fix 'em.
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