Text Errors by Color: Red

Alpha Red Elemental Blast
This card was accidentally printed as an Instant instead of an Interrupt. Of course now, under the (incredibly lame) 6th edition rules, it's an instant again.

Blood Lust
The English Legends printing of this card has a typo: It says 'Target creatures gain' and should say 'Target creature gains'.

Portuguese Baloon Brigade
This card has an odd mistake. The ability (R: Gains flying) is UNDER the flavor text, AND in italics! I have been told this error is also on the WB version, but I'm still looking for a copy.

German BB Weaponsmith
The Black Bordered (Revised) version of Dwarven Weaponsmith gives EACH creature you control +1/+1, not target creature!

Italian War Rider
Varchild's War Rider isn't a great card to begin with, but the Italian version of this Alliances card is worse: It is missing Trample.
Anthologies Pyrokinesis
This printing of Pyrokinesis omits the flavor text. Flavor text appears on all other reprints in Anthologies, so I assume this to be an error.

Anthologies Raging Goblin
This card has the Exodus picture, but the Portal version's flavor text.

Korean Outrider
The Korean Viashino Outrider has a big advantage over all other printings: It doesn't have echo! Instead, it has Cycling: 2! A 4/3 for 2R!!!

Shivan 'R'
The Simplified Chinese 5th edition rare Shivan Dragon has a problem not seen since Alpha - instead of a mana symbol in his activation cost, there's an 'R'. What's more, there is also an 'o' in front of the 'R', so it says "oR: Shivan Dragon gets +1/+0..."

Scorching Crap
Scorching Lava isn't a great card to begin with, but the German version only deals 1 damage, EVEN if you pay the kicker.

Crash point
The Spanish crash is missing a period at the end of the effect 'Destroy target artifact'.

Speechless Warmonger
The Japanese Warmonger is missing its flavor text.

Colos Yearling
There is a very very unusual misprint on the English Destiny Colos Yearling: At the very bottom of the card, IN the black border, you can just barely make out the tops of the letters that spell "REMOVE REMINDER TEXT". Nearly all of them have it, but on some you can't see anything but the very tops of the letters, and it doesn't look like anything but little black on black spots at the bottom of your card. The kicker is this: The foil version does NOT have the Mountainwalk reminder text! Many cards in Destiny do not have reminder text, and I believe that it is an error for this card to have it. Pictured here is a high-resolution scan of the bottom of a regular Colos Yearling. It has been enhanced by Jeramy Cooke with some fancy graphics software, so that you can get an idea of what to look for. Thanks Jeramy! On your cards at home it is still nearly impossible to see the letters - it's black on black ink for cryin' out loud. My advice is to pick up a few of your yearlings, and look at the very bottoms of the card in bright light to see this error.

A player collector named Gil Esquerdo took the time to find the card that was below the yearling on the sheet, and it looks like a few 'Scent of Jasmine' cards might have the bottom of this text along the very top edge of the black border.

Player Doug Wheeler discovered this type misprint on another card:

"** This error got me wondering what else they might have missed (apparently they missed a final proofing step). Low-and-behold, there on the bottom of "Bubbling Muck" is the phrase "WWK BLACK MANA - NOT AN ANCHOR". This is small enough that the bottom edge is not cut off, so it is clearly readable."

Quick as Lightning
German JD Lightning surge was printed as an instant, not a sorcery. This led German players to actually trade FOR it, until the mistake was discovered.

THIS Enchantment
One of the strangest mistakes in a while...Spanish Arcane Teachings has card type "Esta Criatura", which in Spanish means "This Creature".

Text Errors by Color: Green

Johtull Wurm
The Ice Age Johtull Wurm has a big mistake in the text: It refers to this Wurm as a "Worm".

4th Ed Liege
This printing of the Gaea's Liege has a typo: Liege is spelled 'Leige' once in the text box. What happened? It was correct in Alpha, Beta, Unlimited and Revised?

Italian Barbed Foliage
This printing of Barbed Foliage replaces 'flying' with flanking, so this card affects flanking creatures twice.

German Venemous Breath
This card has a left-shift in the casting cost. It is noticeably farther to the left than it should be.

Spanish Might of Oaks
This card says 'Enchanted creature gains +7/+7 until the end of the turn' - Too bad it's not an enchantment!!!!

Gaea's Touch
About 1/3 of the Dark card Gaea's Touch has a similar left-shift of ALL text on the card, including the name, CC, Card Type, and Text Box.

Chinese BB Ley Druid
The white and black text in the creature type of the Chinese BB Ley Druid don't match up. In white it says 'Summon Druid'. In black, 'Summon Cleric'. (Thanks Kunbu!)

Korean Warthog
The Korean Visions Warthog has a very minor error. There are two open parenthesis "((" when there should only be one.

Flightless Bees
Korean 5th edition Killer Bees have a problem - they don't fly!

Chinese Defense of the Heart
I have been told on good authority that this card makes the creatures you get come into play tapped. Still a good rare, but not as good as all other printings!

Spanish Femeref Archers
This version of Femeref Archers is missing the word "Attacking", so you can deal 4 damage to ANY flying creature! Super-Tim!

Spanish Dijinn
A very simple mistake here: The text box calls this creature a 'Dijinn', when it should be Djinn.

French Hot Springs
A strange and unique error here - the white lettering for 'enchant land' is shifted to the center of the card, but the black is not.
Cheap Piper
This is a pretty major omission...Chinese 7th edition Elvish Piper is missing the green mana symbol in its activiation cost!!!
German Bind
This minor mistake is in the card type...it says "Instant", in ENGLISH!
Akroma Everywhere!!!
T-Chinese Onslaught has a very confusing problem. At least three Green cards' foil versions were printed with the text of Akroma's Blessing: Stag Beetle, Venemspout Brakus, Weird Harvest. Weird Harvest indeed! Let me know if any of you see this on any other Chinese foils!
Stag Beetle
Weird Harvest

Myojin Madness
In French COK, the Green Myojin mistakenly references the black Myojin in the rules text!

Artist Errors: No Artist!

This is the worst thing that can happen to an artist in MTG. Imagine spending all of that time on a card's art work, only to have your name omitted from the card! Strangely, Jesper Myrfors did the art on two such cards. The FON is Pete Venters, and the Wall is Zak Plucinski.

Korean BB Phantom Monster:
German WB Tundra:
Korean WB and S-Chinese Force of Nature:
Korean WB and S-Chinese Wall of Spears:

Artist Error: Spelled Incorrectly

Denise Detwiller
Poor Dennis Detwiller! Every single card he did for "The Dark" credited 'Denise'. The 7 cards involved are Goblin Rock Sled, Pike Men, Merfolk Assasin, Squire, Scavenger Folk, Flood, Tiv's Crusade.
Randy Gallergos
Korean Cinder Wall lists Randy Gallegos as Gallergos.
David O'Connor
Few artists' names are spelled as consistently wrong as David. Shown here from top to bottom are: CH then KR Undiscovered Paradise, JP Castle, JP Illumination, CH B. Phoenix from Visions.
Jcff Mracola
Jeff's name gets mangled a lot as well. On KN WL Wildfire it's "Jcff", and on CH Suq'Ata Lancer it's 'Mracola'. On the JP lancer the white ink is right, but the black ink is 'Mracola'.
Daren Badger
Daren Bader's name has been transformed into a small furry rodent for both Italian AND Japanese Seeker of Skybreak, and IT Legacy's Allure. Does anyone have JP Legacy's Allure to confirm it's right?
G. Darrow and 'L' Rabarot
All Korean Visions cards painted by this pair incorrectly list the second as 'L' Rabarot, not 'I'. 5 cards are included.
Douglas Shuler has half credit for painting Frealyse Supplicant, but on the Italian version, he only gets two letters in!
Cards with the wrong artist
Dozens of cards have been printed with the incorrect artist name, from Alpha to Destiny. It's probably still happening with some cards in some language with Mercadian Masques. I didn't think it would be too interesting to show pictures of cards with the wrong artist (except this one), so a semi-complete text list can be found on the last page. Shown here is a Thalakos Scout, with credit to Bader. Comments by John Matson.
French Rennaissance Winter Blast has 'lg' tacked on to the artist's name. It's probably no coincidence that it is also MISSING the Legends Symbol!!!
Portuguese Intrepid Hero
This mistake was covered in the numbering section, but it was soo bizarre I included it twice! After Snoddy's name there appears a line of text that seems to be telling the printer where to put the line over the o in Snoddy.

OK! This page is always under construction! I would urge you to move on to the last page from here, which includes a text listing of all the misprints I know about to date. It also lists some Links to other misprint web pages. I'm still honing my html skills, and I'm sure there are a lot of typos here. If you find any, please email me! I would also love to hear about other misprints I missed! Email me here:Squt

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