Naming Errors

One quick tiny error - Unlimited and Revised English Mons's Goblin Radiers is missing the apostrophe after Mons's - the second 's' is just floating.

Aerathi Berserker
This is by far the most widely known naming mistake: the AE in AErathi Berserker is missing from the name of this English Legend.

German Ghitu Encampment
This card should be called 'Ghitulager', but as you can see, they accidentally left the English name on this card!!! You can even read the first line of text: Ghitulager comes into play tapped.

This error has also happened with the following cards: Portuguese Saga Healing Salve, Spanish 5th Edition Fountain of Youth, German 4th Edition Conservator - All have English names.

German Antagonism
The word "Antagonism" has two possible translations in German: Antagonismus, and Gegensatz. Unfortunately, WOTC didn't decide between the two, and both appear here. One in the name, one in text.

Clouds of Faerie
Although I do not read Chinese, I am told on good authority that the name of this card is 'Clouds of Faerie', yet in the text it says 'When Cloud of Faeries comes into play, untap two lands'.

Bodyguard of the Vetran
This BB German Vetran Bodyguard was just translated poorly - to 'Bodyguard of the Vetran'.

Roc of Gebriges
This is just a typo - the Revised BB German Roc of Kher Ridges should say Khergebirge, not Khergebrige. 'Gebirge' is Mountain in German. Khergebrige is nothing.

Asian Shadow Ink Misprints
Four asian cards have an error in their names. The white lettering in the name doesn't quite match up with the black shadow ink. The cards are Chinese BB Firebreathing, and Japanese SH Duct Crawler.

Also just discovered (but not pictured) is the Simplified Chinese Deep Sea Serpent and 5th Edition Pentagram of the Ages. With the Serpent, the name error on this card is severe - the white name is printed, then to the right and completely separate, the name is printed again in black shadow ink. The Pentagram has a mismatch error of some kind - the white and black ink don't say the same things.

Spanish Parasitic Bond
This Spanish Parasitic Bond is spelled incorrectly in the name, but correctly in the text box: The N is missing in the name.

Spanish Buried Alive
This Spanish card has a very interesting misprint, which as far as I know, is unique: The name of the card is in normal type font, not script font.

German Foil flubs
AT LEAST two foil cards in German Mercadian Masques were printed with the wrong name. Because foil cards are rare, and GERMAN foil cards are EXTREMELY rare in the USA, I do not know for certain how many German foil cards have this problem. I can only confirm two: German Ramosan Sergeant (1WW, 2/2) has the name 'Jhovallreiter' (Jhovall Rider), and German Foil Delraich has the name 'Geist der Zwischenwelt'as Nether Spirit.

Spanish Rayne
Only half of the Spanish Rayne cards have this error - the black shadow font is out of synch with the white lettering.

German Attrition
Germans are notorious for changing the names on Magic cards in between sets. For instance, there is a different name for Ironwood Treefolk in every printing of the card in German! But this time they really outdid themselves. In the Urza's Destiny Preconstructed deck "Meuchlemorder", two cards share the same name! Both Unnerve from Saga and Attrition from Destiny are called "Zermurbung", but only in this deck! If you get a German Attrition in a booster pack, it is (correctly) called "Vershleib".

Zwei Zwang The Germans also had a problem with naming Coersion and Duress. The 6th edition printing of Coercion was called Zwang, but so was the Saga card Duress!
Spanish Sporo
Spanish Sporogenesis has an odd error: The text of the card was so long, that they had to use a very small font for it to fit. That in itself is not unusual, but they accidentally made the card name AND casting cost in the same size font! It's very tiny.

Schnitter vs. Schlacter, Blutige(S)?
Three other German cards with name problems are 6th edition Blood pet, Saga Fire Ants, and Invasion Phyrexian Reaper. The Blood pet is named "Blutiges Schlobtier", but is referred to in the text as "Blutige Schobtier". Pyrexian Reaper is 'Phyrexianischer Schnitter' in name, and Phyrexianische Schlacter in the card text.

JP P3K name oops
This Japanese Portal 3 Kingdoms common(#30) is completely missing the black shadow ink in its name.

Spanish Order of the Sacred casting cost
While it could possibly not be considered a mistake, the name of the Spanish 5th edition Order of the Sacred Torch has a name that is so long (Orden de la Antorcha Sagrada), it spills into the casting cost and completely covers the '1' in 1WW.

Bizarro Meekstone
I've only seen this once: The black and white ink are inverted for the name of Portuguese Meekstone. I'm still looking for a mint one...

German Spellshaperlegends
All 5 Spellshaper Legeds in German Prophecy are listed as spell type: 'Kreatur - Spruchwandlerlegende'. the english equivalent would be 'Creature - Spellshaperlegend'.

German Trees
While not a misprint, every time ironroot treefolk gets printed in German, its printed with a new name!

Foiled Foil Foil
Maybe not a true misprint, but the foil and non-foil Foil from Portuguese Prophecy is "Frustrar". The frustrating thing for Spanish players is that Spanish "Thwart" from Mercadian Masques was also called "Frustrar"!

Which Dragon?
The German JD Rare Fledgeling Dragon is printed as "Heranwachsender Drache", but in the text box, it is referred to as "Junge Drache". This mistake seems to happen a lot in German Magic!

German Mirrodin Block Reprints
German players may have gotten a shock if they'd seen a German Mirrodin spoiler list before the set was released, Between Mirrodin and Darksteel, there were no less than 3 cards reprinted with the same names as older cards!!! It's on Luminous Angel, Barbed lightning, and Domineer.
Double Deception
Japanese CHK Green and Black Deceivers have the same name!

Swiss Misprint fan Eugen Bruhin has compiled a FANTASTIC list of German name misprints. It is thorough! See it here: Here!

You can download it as an excel file here:GENames.xls

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